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Posted on August 12, 2021

Sharing the Parker Story

Nicholeen Viall

Research Astrophysicist, Parker Solar Probe Science Team

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

I was fortunate to be a part of many of the press events and public outreach events for Parker Solar Probe, both before and after launch. A few of my favorites were the Family Day at Goddard Space Flight Center, the live shots with news stations across the country when the first data became public and the first results papers were released, and a public talk at the Library of Congress. I loved getting to share the excitement we have for this mission and the revolutionary measurements it is making with the public.

Most recently, I was invited to help plan the first mission science meeting: Parker One. It was delayed by over a year due to COVID, but it was important to bring all of the scientists together – even though most of us were virtual – and see the great scientific progress this mission has made since Parker Solar Probe left Earth just three years ago.

Under the attentive eyes of the NASA TV production team, Nicholeen Viall (on screen at upper right) conducts a live satellite interview in 2019 on Parker Solar Probe’s first wave of discoveries.

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