Parker Solar Probe

Craft a Zine!

Imagine creating your own solar adventure with a zine – a unique blend of words and visuals, like a personalized guidebook to the wonders of Parker Solar Probe. Dive into the mysteries of space through creative exploration, breaking down intricate concepts with engaging images and your own insights. Craft a zine to make the journey into the sun’s secrets an exciting and hands-on experience. Ready to embark on this solar storytelling endeavor? Let the zine-making journey begin!

Download your own premade Parker Solar Probe zine that explains how the mission is connected to the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024!

Parker Solar Probe Eclipse Zine Space Weather Zine

Find zine folding instructions below, and make your own zine!

Make Your Own Zine!

Choose a Topic

Pick a space weather theme you’re passionate about, like the solar wind, space weather effects on Earth, or spacecraft that study the Sun.

Ask ParkerBot

Add the Parker Solar Probe chatbot to your search for info on your space weather topic.

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Print Zine Template & Gather Materials

Your journey into Parker Solar Probe topics is not only creative but also made easy with this template and Storyboard Worksheet

TIP: When printing the zine template or the Parker zines, select "Fit" on the printer settings to ensure proper alignment.

Basic Zine Template Storyboard Worksheet

Fill in Sections

Use the template’s labeled sections to add your explanations and images.

  • Zines typically have limited space, so it's important to get straight to the point.
  • Be clear and concise in your writing, focusing on the most important ideas or messages that you want to convey.
  • Consider using bold colors, interesting typography, or striking imagery to grab the reader's attention and entice them to explore further. Creating your own images is always a plus!

Cut and Fold Your Zine Using the Short Video Tutorial Below

Follow the folding instructions in the video below.

  • Use paper that is sturdy enough to hold up to folding and handling but thin enough to be easily folded.
  • When folding your zine, use a ruler to create crisp, clean folds. This helps to prevent creases and ensures that the edges are aligned properly.

Share Your Zine!

  • Host a zine swap: Organize a zine swap event where you can exchange your zines with others. This not only allows you to share your work but also gives you an opportunity to discover and appreciate zines created by peers.
  • Create an online zine library: Work with your school or library to set up a digital platform, such as a website or social media page, where you can showcase and share your zines with a wider audience. This allows you to reach people beyond your immediate community and connect with other zine enthusiasts online.
  • Collaborate with local businesses or libraries: Reach out to local businesses, coffee shops, or libraries to see if they'd be interested in displaying your zines in their space. This not only provides exposure for your work but also introduces zines to new audiences who may not be familiar with the medium.
  • Organize zine workshops or presentations: Host workshops or presentations where you can teach others about zine-making techniques and share your own zines as examples. This not only promotes your work but also encourages others to get involved in zine-making themselves.
  • If you post your zine on social media, use #ParkerZine so that we can see your work!

Additional Resources for Educators

Use these resources to empower your students to better understand sun science and science communication by researching and creating their own handmade zine publication! Their work will showcase an area of heliophysics, the study of the Sun and all it influences. This three-part activity provides a multimodal, multisensory avenue for learning that engages multiple STEAM principles. Note: while we present this lesson in collaboration with the Heliophysics Big Year, it can easily be adapted to any subject matter.

HelioZines: Share Sun Science, YOUR Way!