Parker Solar Probe

Official Paper Model

Here is your chance to build your own Parker Solar Probe! This 1/30-scale paper model is easy to download and assemble (with a few readily available tools). Printing on and working with cardstock or heavier paper gives you the “feel” of assembling the real thing – and that’s why architects still consider paper modeling to be a basic yet essential skill.

Download the Parker Solar Probe PDF file and simply follow the instructions to build your own model.

Download PDF

Video Demonstration & Instructions

Materials & Tools

  • Sharp paper scissors or a craft/hobby cutting knife
  • Glue stick, rubber cement or cellophane tape
  • (Optional) colored pens or pencils, markers or paint


This paper craft is most easily put together with Elmer’s liquid multipurpose glue.

Assembly Tips

  • Print all model pieces on heavyweight paper.
  • Before cutting out the model pieces, color or paint each one with your own design!

Color It

Let your creativity take flight and color this paper craft how you want!

  • Cut out only those pieces needed for the section you are assembling at the time.
  • Use a cutting surface (such as a wooden board) to protect the table or desk from scratches or gouges.
  • Cut out pieces along the solid exterior lines.

Assembly Tip

Using the scissors edge or the cutting blade, lightly score all dashed fold lines, to improve the accuracy of each fold.

  • Apply glue to the insertion tabs on the pieces and flaps where the slots are located. If using rubber cement, apply cement to both surfaces to be joined and allow them to dry before assembling. Use a double coating of rubber cement makes a stronger bond.
  • After the pieces are assembled, lightly rub pieces to remove excess adhesive.

You did it! Congratulations!

Share It

Share your creation with us on social media using the hashtag #parkerpapercraft.

Continued Exploration

Parker Solar Probe AR Experience

Explore and manipulate the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft on your computer screen or scan the QR code to access an augmented reality version of the spacecraft on your cell phone!

PSP Augmented Reality >