Poster Presentation Information

Poster viewing sessions that include author presentations and discussions among poster presenters and conference attendees will be held in the virtual poster sessions supported by ( ). Poster presenters are encouraged read " Participation Basics" tutorial or visit the interactive demo.

Participants will meet in a 2D world with 8-bit graphics, and walk around the conference center by moving their avatar with their keyboard’s arrow keys. Poster sessions take place in dedicated rooms where posters will already be pre-loaded and organized in a grid similar to an in-person conference. To interact with a poster, conference attendees walk up to the poster and press the "x" key to enter a full screen viewing. While viewing the poster, they can also interact with the presenter. An example poster room is shown here.

When your avatar is in the private space near a poster, all other conference attendees in that space will be able to see and hear you through your webcam and microphone. You will only be interacting with people in this space, and not the neighboring spaces. This promotes conversation with the presenter without interrupting conversation going on at other posters.

Poster session presenters will need to create their poster such that it suits the formatting requirements of

Posters must be submitted to the organizers by June 10th 2022.

Instructions for Poster Formatting:

In addition to providing a poster that attendees will view in full screen mode, presenters can, if desired, also provide a smaller, "thumbnail" version of their poster or poster contents (e.g., a specific image from their full poster) that can be quickly viewed at the bottom of the screen as people walk near their poster. That is, this is a preview that others can see before they directly engage with presenters. Note that you do not need to submit a separate preview. If you do not submit a separate preview, your submitted poster will be used as a preview in Gather.Town.

Format Restrictions

Main Document

.png or .jpg format are the only file types that may be used. Minimum width is 1000px (26.46cm or 10.42in). Minimum height is 600px (15.88cm or 6.25in). Maximum file size is 3MB. No transparent background.

Preview "thumbnail" document

.png or .jpg format A copy of the main poster document that has been made smaller. Recommended width is half of the main document. Recommended height is half of the main document.

Resizing your poster to the dimension requirements:

The simplest way to edit the dimensions of a poster is using a slideshow editor such as PowerPoint or Keynote. Below are instructions on how to change poster dimensions.

Powerpoint instructions

Select the "Design" tab of the toolbar ribbon Select "Slide Size" icon near the far-right side of the toolbar Select "Custom Slide Size" Change the Width and Height to be larger than the minimum size guidelines above (26.46cm or 10.42in and 15.88cm or 6.25in) & click OK Repeat to create the preview poster with half of the width and height

Use the "Export …" option under the "File" pulldown menu produce .png or .jpg formats of the reduced-dimension poster files*

Keynote instructions

Select the "Document" tab on the right side of the toolbar ribbon Use the "Slide Size" pulldown menu to select "Custom Slide Size …" option Change the Width to 1000pts and the Height to 600pts Use the "Export To" option under the "File" pulldown menu to select the Images … option and save .png or .jpg formats of the of the reduced-dimension posters files*

*Note: If dimension-reduced posters in .png or .jpg format files still exceed the 3MB size limit, graphics applications (such as Preview and Graph Converter) can be used to reduce such files to the required size.

How to Submit Posters

The first authors of posters, or persons designated by the first authors, will receive an email with instructions on where they should upload their posters. Plans are to provide a separate Box folder for each workshop poster. Posters must be submitted to the organizers by June 10th 2022.